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    I’m Jeong Hun KIM, CEO of ESMO Corp.
  • ESMO has always challenged new possibilities to cope with the rapid market changes and crises since its establishment.
    It has always pursued a new way and has secured a concrete position in the automobile manufacturing market.
  • To innovate and leap to a new future We are at a turning point.
  • Now ESMO has begun to evolve into new businesse area for the potential smart car market, while strengthening existing businesses which are mainly on traditional auto parts manufacturing and sales.

    ESMO is developing towards the dream of becoming a world-class company in its major product scopes.
    We, ESMO employees, will continue to challenge and achieve high performance and sustainable growth.

    Internally, we will strengthen our corporate ethic management, make the more innovative organization, and put the first priority on the products.

    Fully acknowledging the human value for all, we will raise the value of the company by developing HR talents.

    Thank you,
      CEO Jeong Hun KIM